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We are delighted to have partnered with Busy Bunnies Nurseries who will be taking on the management of our on site Nursery.

All About Busy Bunnies

All three of our current settings are registered with Ofsted and we all meet the statutory requirements of the Early Years, Childcare and Voluntary Registers as appropriate, including the Early Years Foundation Stage. All our Settings offer funding entitlements including two-year funding, three- and four-year funding and 30 hours for working families. We often go the extra mile and help new parents in applying for two-year funding and 30 hours as we appreciate it can be a daunting process for some parents. We are also registered with Peterborough City Council to provide funding entitlements and we have signed up to the ‘Free Early Education Provider Agreement’ so that we can support all our parents in using their funded hours. When a new child begins with us, we strive to create a simple transition into the setting by offering settling in sessions for the child and home visits (covid permitting). We are very flexible and adaptable based on our children’s needs and more settles can be arranged if necessary. We are an ‘in the moment’ settings who base our days around our children’s interests and extend on those to create a learning rich environment. We do offer adult led activities in the form of weekly cooking, phonics activities and book of the term planning etc. All of our planning is hugely adaptable based on the needs and interests of every child, and we ensure that children of all abilities/ages are able to participate in our activities.

We strive on offering free flow to our children so that they decide which learning environment they wish to learn in. Our gardens are an extension of our rooms and therefore offer the same learning opportunities outside as inside. Activities such as water play, sand play and physical play are a huge part of our day-to-day routine, and we endeavour to provide a stimulating outdoor environment for all our children.

How do I apply for a place?

If you would like to register your child then please complete the form attached and email to, or post it to the Nursery you have specified in the form. Alternatively visit our Contact Form and book a showaround where a member of staff can help you further.